Solutions and Technologies for Simulation and Critical Systems

Solutions and Technologies for Simulation and Critical Systems - NADS

NADS is a privately held European company established in 2002 that operates into military & aerospace global markets providing innovating solutions of training & simulation, command & control and engineering support services.

Since its inception, NADS has been providing technology and engineering solutions to major European aerospace and military programs. Now, NADS is highly specialized in Training & Simulation as well as Command & Control.

Years ago, as a product of its innovation culture and its accumulated expertise in Training & Simulation, NADS started to develop a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software for simulation and C4ISR markets building its own fully-dedicated R&D department. NADS worked for years jointly with the Spanish Ministry of Defence in the development of our product SIMWARE.

Nowadays, NADS is one of the new challenging leaders of middleware for distributed simulation, having a growing community of users all around the world, participates regularly in key standardization & scientific organizations like OMG, SISO, NATO RTO and has partnership agreements with some of the key industry players.

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NADS has a strong expertise in Systems Engineering and a high specialization in SIMULATION & TRAINING as well as in Systems Engineering for Mil/Aero projects. 



Combat Management Systems


C4ISR & Critical SW Development

C2IS software development
UAV GCS software development
Tactical Data Distribution
Weapon Systems SW

Integrated Logistic Support

Reliability & Maintainability
Maintenance Planning
Material Support Services
Technical Data / Publications
Manpower and Personnel


Training Aids Solutions

Computer Based Training (CBT)
Web Based Training (WBT)
Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Desktop Training Systems
Simulation exercises over the web

High-fidelity Simulation

Full Flight Simulators
Flight Training Devices
Full Mission Simulators
Embedded Training

Distributed Simulation

Live Virtual & Constructive
Simulation Interoperability
Simulation Middleware

Customers & Experience

Customers & Experience - NADS

NADS has been awarded with important workpackages of main European contractors & integrators in many of the most emblematic European defence programs such as EF2000, A400M, TALARION and TIGER.

In Spain, NADS has been participating as a Tier-1 subcontractor in many programs for the Navy (SCOMBA, S80, F105), the Army (SKYDOR) and the Air Force (A400M, EF2000, EF-18).

NADS is a traditional provider of companies like INDRA, NAVANTIA, AIRBUS MILITARY and CASSIDIAN.

International Projection

International Projection - NADS

NADS is a global company with important presence in Spain and France and offices in Madrid, Cádiz and Paris.


Madrid – Spain


Paris- France

Development Centers

Madrid – España (Training & Simulation)
Cádiz – España (Naval Systems Engineering)




 NADS develop a full range of products and solutions that are available worldwide thanks to our network of business partners & distributors.



The new dawn in simulation

SimWare is a middleware for building and managing simulations. SimWare has a full set of tools that allow the user to build a whole simulator starting from the data model. Also have tools for managing this simulator.

* SimWare applications

* Simulation Infrastructure for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

* Traditional simulators 
     - Design & Build & Deploy a simulator from scratch

* Distributed simulations
     - Distribution of the simulation infrastructure over the net
     - Development of federations of simulators.
     - Joint simulations.
     - L-V-C simulation incorporating real data

* Interoperability platform with legacy simulation systems & real systems.
     - Multivendor HLA
     - HLA-DDS
     - DIS-DDS